Mildura Chocolate Company

Your day is only as good as the chocolate you eat.

As we are a not-for-profit and a social enterprise of the Christie Centre, our business is involved in transitioning supported employees into open employment, and by buying chocolate from us you are helping support people living with a disability.


Whilst the Mildura Chocolate Company operates as a purveyor of fine chocolate to the people of Mildura and beyond, its main focus is that of work-skills provider for its supported workforce. Mildura Chocolate Company is a branch of the Christie Centre, a not for profit Disability Support Organisation.

We are fortunate to be able to source chocolate from arguably one of Australia’s most sublime chocolate producers, Kennedy & Wilson. They produce chocolate at their premises in the Yarra Valley using the best local and imported ingredients to create the most divine chocolate.

So please enjoy our site, and if you are coming to, or are in Mildura, do drop into 4 Bothroyd Court and view how we produce our chocolates.