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They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts; but we have decided to make the outside just as important. Our boxed products and chocolate bars feature impressive prints by ArtRageUs studio artists. ArtRageUs is another social enterprise of the Christie Centre that supports artists with a disability to express themselves and earn an income from their artwork. Artworks have been carefully selected by colour and pattern to match the palate of the product inside.
Product Artist
8f3ec9a6146b351b9e0383e4ec4741bc Chocolate Coated Almonds, 150g Rebecca Gale
32f81b23513cd5c06ef1717b8abbf8fd Chocolate Coated Sun Muscats, 150g Joel Milne
1c0f29bdeaf47ce86aa137897da6c970 Chocolate Dipped Oranges, 7 slices per box Joel Milne
7c421e6083fdb8342e90106f66e28017 Mildura Produce Selection Nancy Panuccio
4c798b6bcd9e6345da647f5e214ecd9c 35% Milk Chocolate Bar, 50g Bev Downing
99e145e2e06a13233b30d20d3baa9c13 35% Blood Orange Milk Bar, 50g Kerry Bolger
9bbb68f07babdc1f5a8e9b8079fb57b0 48% Milk Chocolate Bar, 50g Leah Harris
aeb247343ad8cf82dccded3c055df007 48% Blood Orange Milk Bar, 50g Robert Scopelliti
954496aa4b7ec915caadac7701120341 59% Dark Chocolate Bar, 50g Pauline Hamence
c6e6aa9b41a0ca6576333addbc823d08 70% Dark Chocolate Bar, 50g Robert Scopelliti
c9a120d6726a4bf17305ff73aca9b5ca 70% Blood Orange Dark Bar, 50g Larry Higgins
8371fbfefb85b835862206858be140a5 48% Milk Chocolate Tiny Hearts, 120g Leah Harris
a4bbd417565d4aad4ecc661d23ac9264 48% Blood Orange Milk Tiny Hearts, 120g Robert Scopelliti
2421ec10d6941a176c3f786f212b7bc0 70% Dark Chocolate Tiny Hearts, 120g Robert Scopelliti
b9fbe715e73713932aa85bd8dcd91ce9 70% Blood Orange Dark Tiny Hearts, 120g Larry Higgins
988efddc2e1af4e17bea5c67033e303c Dark Chocolate Salted Slab, 100g Mandy O’Neil
692f4c674393ca1ee6657986face3da6 Jumbo Speckle, 80g nil
a872ca854d97b6858339496f073a6b77 Hot Chocolate Dip - Milk, 30g Bev Downing
c2877c1d9fba81db46cfe6e71976298f Hot Chocolate Dip - Blood Orange Milk, 30g Kerry Bolger
c6812af0e4fb40c6ba7dbee8475b6db4 Gift Hamper, Small Nancy Panuccio
7aeeac074eee147e9222ee51827f9bb3 Gift Hamper, Medium Nancy Panuccio
4f7ac8cd86494e9e13b492b39e799330 Gift Hamper, Large Nancy Panuccio
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